Bill Whiting

Theory Test

As part of the process of obtaining your full driving licence you will need to pass the theory test. This has to be passed before you can apply for a date for your practical test. The test is in two parts - questions and hazard perception both of which are done on computer at the theory test centre.

The questions part has 50 multi choice questions with a pass mark of 43. This is followed by the hazard perception part which consists of a number of video clips taken from the viewpoint of the driver of a vehicle. You will need to click the mouse when you see each developing hazard. Most clips have just one developing hazard, although one of the clips of film will have two.

I will give you any assistance you need with the theory test. The hazard perception part of the test is very relevant to your practical driving and I will be seeking to help you develop your hazard awareness including anticipation and planning during your driving lessons.



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